I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts by a traditional Armenian family with strong core values.  In the summer of 2014 I moved to South Florida to pursue a degree in psychology to only find out that my true passion was learning more about international business affairs.  Eventually, my education and career goals steered me towards direct marketing where I was able to control my lifestyle and the choices I made.  I was excited to start in this type of business for many growth opportunities, both on a personal and a professional levels!

The biggest obstacle I faced on my journey to achieving my goals was dealing with the constant change and the cold feeling of understanding that life will move on with or without you!  Life can be like an aggressive portfolio; one minute you’re up, the next your down, but the return on the investment is as great as the risks you take!  My advice for new people starting in the business is to focus on getting good at the little things! 

“Success is achieved by doing the common things uncommonly well”. - John D. Rockefeller.